The Best Amazon AFFILIATE Alternative

Are you an affiliate marketer that is sick of making Amazon profit and fighting against a plethora of other Amazon Affiliate marketers, we have the BEST alternative to Amazon affliates. We also know affiliate networks that pay higher commission than Amazon so you can earn more money.

What is the best Amazon Affiliate alternative?

The best alternative to Amazon and a site that pays more commission on sales is FlexOffers. We like to use FlexOffers because you get a variety of payment options, directly from the retail stores themselves. Flexoffers gives you a wider variety of products and services to use on your affiliate linked blog.

Why is FlexOffers better than Amazon?

We prefer to use FlexOffers because they pay a higher commission than Amazon. It also varies from store to store on how much you get paid. Another major reason we prefer using FlexOffers to as opposed to other affiliate networks is they have affiliate deals with stores that sell high ticket items, which is something lacking on Amazon. With FlexOffers, you can make commission from high end luxury brands such as Dior or Gucci, but with Amazon…you are limited to what exists on their marketplace. Depending on your niche, you may find FlexOffers to be more flexible to your affiliate needs (no pun intended)