What happened to Future Shop?

What happened to Future Shop

At one point, Future Shop was a household name for Canadians and the go to place when you wanted to acquire the latest tech. These stores were everywhere in Canada and featured a full commission sales team to assist you with your purchases. The commission aspect of Future Shop was a turnoff to some customers but it also meant that if you were going to survive as an employee of Future Shop, you needed to be educated about the products. However, the year is 2019 and Future Shop is a distant memory for Canadians as it was bought out by Best Buy in 2015, laying off all Future Shop employees in the process.

Why did Future Shop close and what lead to the demise of this iconic Canadian brand. This article will help to explain the culture of Future Shop and why Best Buy Canada eventually took over.

What was Future Shop?

Future Shop was the most popular Canadian electronics store from 2001-2015. With locations in every province, it was a national business that paid commission to it’s employees. During the early to mid millennium commission pay structures were much more common compared to a store in 2019 which has to compete with an educated customer and vast online competition.

Future Shop started to feel the pressure of the E-Commerce world as they introduced a price match policy that allowed customers to match any price of a product that was in stock online and sold in Canada. This was fantastic for the end customer as they were able to scrape the web for the lowest price, but this was a huge pay cut for the commission based work force. Employees were paid based on an algorithm that factored in margin, product cost and services added to calculate commission payouts. Once the prices were being slashed and matched so aggressively, this cut deeply into the pockets of the employees and their customer service suffered.

Related image

The beginning of the end.

Once the commission started to suffer, so did the customer service provided by the employees. Outside companies such as Samsung or Apple offered vendor backed promotions that would give a kickback on certain products sold. This kick back was a separate payout from the Future Shop commission structure, so employees were happy to sell these products at any cost. However, this ideology that price matching would benefit the customer in a commission based shark tank was false. Future Shop employees started to only target customers who were interested in buying these vendor funded kickbacks and would ignore what they deemed lower tier customers. A customer who once was treated with a fulfilling customer experience no matter what their buying habits was now ignored. This was just the climate of the market and commission sales jobs weren’t viable at this scale anymore; things needed to change or big box electronic stores might have folded in Canada. This is when Best Buy came into the picture and took over.

Best Buy vs Future Shop

The battle of big box retail had begun, however it was a false battle. Best Buy had actually acquired Future Shop long before they re-branded it to Best Buy Canada but they were split testing business models to see if Future Shop was worth keeping around. They began opening up Best Buy Canada stores within a block of Future Shop locations which appeared to be an attempt to directly test the customers response to both styles of big box retail. The results quickly spoke for themselves – the non commission, low pressure style at Best Buy was actually outperforming the seasoned crew of sales people at Future Shop. Best Buy Canada employees were selling warranty, higher margin products and in house service that the commission team couldn’t beat.

It appeared that Future Shops time had come and death was just around the corner. In 2015 Best Buy Canada officially converted all Future Shop locations into Best Buy stores. All previous Future Shop employees were laid off and new management was brought in. The end of an era had come and another iconic Canadian business was added to the graveyard.

How Street Wear Companies Are Getting Rich From Free Fonts

The fashion world is ripe with arrogance and elitism however there is a dirty secret the industry has been hiding for a long time. Brands like Supreme, Balenciaga, Yves Saint Laurent and Off-White have become wildly popular for their simple designs with short slogans. Clean shirts with simple text across the chest is a hallmark t-shirt design style for top end fashion designers. These shirts are often printed on cheap cotton blanks and sold for 800% margin or more. Most surprisingly to us, the cheap shirts they’re touting as designer is the least egregious step in their design process, it’s the free fonts they’re using for design. Yes, that is correct – your favorite fashion house isn’t even designing their own fonts to print slogans and brand names across that white Gildan shirt. After reading this article, you too might be able to make millions of dollars from a collection of free fonts. We will include free download links for all the fonts listed that the fashion houses use so you can start your street wear brand.

Free streetwear fonts for all !

Supreme Font

Supreme font download

Supreme is a skateboarding company that started in New York City. They were relatively low key and only popular within the skateboarding community until 15 years ago or so. The hype behind Supreme became larger in life as their celebrity endorsements started to grow. Supreme is infamous for their box logo sweatshirts which simply display the Supreme logo with a red box. So really, it’s a free font with a free box behind it. The popular brand name is using a font called Futura Heavy Oblique . You can download the Supreme font for free at the link we provided. Now that armed with this powerful font, you too can create your own Supreme Box Logo.

Anti Social Social Club Font

Anti Social Social club was started in 2015 by Stussy creative designers Neek Lurk in LA. Anti Social Social Club, or more commonly known as ASSC is a print on demand brand that changed the entire street wear industry. Neek Lurk was one of the first to scale a print on demand style of production to the masses. Celebrity endorsements and proper timing in the market caused his brand to explode with popularity.

Technically it takes a little more than the Anti Social Social Club font to create their graphic. You need to take the ASSC font into Photoshop and apply a couple of distortion effects to get the correct look, but this is a good starting point. Click here to download the ASSC Font

Comme des Garçons Font

(CDG Play Font)

CDG play font

COMME Des Garcon is based in Tokyo and also in the Place Vendôme in Paris, the city in which they show their main collections during Paris Fashion Week and Paris Men’s Fashion Week Their most popular graphic design is from their CDG Play collection which features the heart logo with two eyes on it; quite cute. Once again though, Comme des Garcons is guilty like the other brands we have mentioned so far of using a free front.

The font that COMME des Garcons (CDG Play) uses is Helvetica Neue 75 Bold. Helvetica and Futura are actually quite common as you start to explore the world of street wear fonts; the workhorses of the industry if you will. If you’d like to download the Comme des Garcons font click here.


There has been some debate as to what font GUCCI is using on their iconic clothing. We are going to provide a download for what we think is the best example of the GUCCI Font. You can click here to download it here. If you have a better example of the GUCCI font, please reach out or comment on this post to let us know!

5 free apps every hustler needs.

You’ve taken the leap of faith and have decided to start your own business; congratulations ! This article will help to outline five of the best tools to use when you’re getting started with your small business. However, when you enter the market you’re overwhelmed with information being thrown at you from every direction; what makes this article different? How do you decide where to start and what tools you need to get started? These are questions with answers that will vary from person to person but there is a few essential tools that almost every entrepreneur will use in their life time.

This article will keep it dead simple and won’t attempt to cram any paid solutions down your throat. When you’re embracing the hustle and starting your own venture try and keep it simple. You will have time to grow into advanced software solutions and other scaling options, but it’s best to start on a path of low friction so you can get the ball rolling.

This article also assumes you’ve chosen a hosting provider and are ready to get your website launched (If you’re not interested in E-Commerce, this probably isn’t the article for you)

  1. WordPress

WordPress is the most versatile and low cost platform to build your website on. It has all the functionality and ease of use when compared to other platforms such as Square Space or Wix, however the plugin store is massive in comparison. You can download thousands of plugins to your site easily without cost.

SEO Tools Free

Another huge benefit to using WordPress is the ability to integrate WooCommerce as your E-Commerce platform. WooCommerce is free unlike Shopify or other store platforms so you can start your website without any fees or initial costs. WooCommerce also integrates with most popular plugins and payment processors such as Stripe and PayPal. If you’re a Cryptocurrency fiend like us at Geek0, you can also install custom plugins that will allow you to accept Bitcoin and other coins as payment. As we said before, it’s all about low friction when you’re starting out and you can have a full website ready to take sales done within hours if you decide to choose WordPress (Did we mention it’s free too?)

2. Google Suite

Did you think we weren’t going to include the amazing suite of tools that Google offers? If you didn’t think we were going to, you probably don’t realize the value it offers.

Google Tools

In our mastermind group, we often joke about all of our businesses being started inside of a Google Spreadsheet. The reality is that most of our businesses did start inside of Google Sheets and some are still functioning as that. Google Sheets offers all the great features as a program like Microsoft Excel, but is stored in the Google cloud. You can integrate a vast number of plugins as well for most advanced usage if you desire so. Don’t waste money on expensive products when Google offers everything you need for free.

Aside from their suite of office tools, we have to mention Google Analytics as well. Google Analytics allows you to track your customer traffic and how they behave on your website. With this information you can optimize your website with the data GA reports to you. Getting to your customers and how they interact is essential to a successful e-commerce business.

3. YouTube

This one might be something you haven’t thought of, but YouTube is a brilliant platform for creating a strong customer funnel. This isn’t a requirement and might be a step outside your comfort zone, but creating evergreen content for your niche is a free way to get in front of your target audience for not cost. Depending on your product or service, this path is going to vary widely but no matter what you decide, make the content engaging for the community. If you’re going to live stream, answers questions. If you’re posting videos, make sure it generates a conversation in the comments. YouTube can take some time to marinate before they start showing your content in the search results, so plan ahead with this content as it will be a slow burn.

YouTube Blogging

4. Twitter

If you’re not already on Twitter, we will assume that you’ve been turned off by how it appears on the surface. On the surface is might appear to be random thoughts posted on a wall with no cohesive focus on what you should write, however this couldn’t be more opposite. As you grow your followers/following you’ll start to find yourself involved in a community and the Tweets become one giant dialogue surrounding your niche and the various topics. Information about major events or any business decision is usually announced first via Tweet.

Twitter Hustler

Twitter is also one of the few places left that you can actually reach the person you want to speak to. The barrier between you and a top level CEO is minimal when you’re on Twitter. Some people have their accounts managed by a social media team, but for the most part everyone is accessible. In a way, Twitter is the modern version of an E-Mail inbox which used to be the only way to reach someone without going through a gatekeeper.

5. Reddit

A strong community a solid foundation for success because if you have a loyal audience and do right by them, the pay off is massive. Reddit is host to every niche community you can possibly think of. We encourage all our readers to sign up on Reddit and get to the sub-Reddit most applicable to their niche or business. You will get a raw sample set of potential customers and people who know your product or business inside out. For example, if you were going to start selling Skateboard Wheels online, you would want to find a sub-Reddit of skateboarders who can speak to everything surrounding the culture. The value in this is perhaps something like plastic wheels versus rubber wheels is a make or break for some potential customers and knowing that preference could be huge for your new Skateboard store. This is a silly example of course, but you should get the idea of why Reddit is valuable.

Reddit Logo

Honorable Mention: PayPal

Everyone hates PayPal in the world of small business and so do we. However, we can’t forget where we made out first sale and that was inside PayPal which most entrepreneurs in 2019 would probably say is the home of their first sale too. PayPal integrates with every platform around the world and only requires a bank account to sign up with. They’re not technically free since they will rake you over the coals with fees, but PayPal is still the most simple option to getting paid.

Facebook crashes for hours on march 13th 2019

When many people woke up today to check their social media feeds, they may have been confused as nothing was loading in the longest unscheduled downtime in Facebook’s history. The most searched website on www.isitdownrightnow.com was probably a tie between Facebook and Instagram as both services suffered an extensive outage that is still ongoing at this moment. The reason for the downtime is unknown and Facebook has offered very little insight into why Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram are all unavailable for normal usage. The only info that has been confirmed by Facebook at this time is it is not a DDOS attack on the Facebook servers. Their Twitter account only Tweeted twice about the issue today and they were cryptic to say the least.

Facebook Twitter March 13th 2019


When social media sites stop working, we are suddenly faced with the reality of how much we rely on these external services. Many people make a living off social media platforms in many different niches and because of that Facebook is considering offering a full refund to their advertisers during this downtime. This means if you are currently using Facebook or Instagram for marketing purposes you may be credited back for the time Facebook was unavailable. This only seems like the right thing to do in an instant like this, but this rumor has not been confirmed as of yet.

Seeing these services down for such an extended period of time also makes us question how reliable these assets are and how they will respond under pressure in times like these. The stock market seemed to find this downtime quite unfavorable as well as the stock settled at $173.37 , a bearish signal compared to the earlier highs found during the day.

Facebook stock price March 13th 2019 close
Facebook Stock Price March 13th 2019 Close

Other sites that were less covered by the mainstream media were also down today such as Etsy, Yahoo Mail and Google drive. This raises the question of whether there is a large scale cyber attack taking place or if the internet needs to decentralize and move away from Amazon AWS. Amazon AWS currently has a 35% share in the computing market with most social media juggernauts in their client list as well. This hardly makes for a decentralized experience and makes our infrastructure susceptible to large scale cyber attacks .

Image result for amazon aws server room
Does Amazon AWS have too much digital real estate?

Apex Legends Budget PC Build

What is Apex Legends?

Apex Legends was announced late January 2019 and has taken the gaming world by storm. Available for free on Xbox, Playstation and PC without any extra cost to the user. However, if you’re a PC gamer and your old rig just isn’t cutting it anymore, we put together this guide to figure out what the lowest cost PC we can build that runs Apex Legends on high settings. We are going to assume the user reading this guide already has an HDMI enabled computer monitor, keyboard, mouse and of course headphones. By the end of this article, you will have some great options for building your budget Apex Legends gaming PC !

(We will be pricing our parts from NewEgg for this build)

Apex legends pc build

What are the minimum requirements to run Apex Legends on PC? 

According to the EA website, the minimum specs for Apex Legend are quite low. We suspect that these parts will give you a near unplayable experience , but we wanted to show what the absolute rock bottom requirements for Apex Legends is.

Apex Legends Minimum System Requirements 

As you can see, 6GB of ram and a video card with such little ram isn’t going to cut it; if you were to run Apex Legends on a build with these specifications you would most likely be capped below 30 FPS. Although this is technically “running the game” , it’s not running at an ideal rate for most gamers. If you were to play on a PC of this calibre, you are most likely better off sticking to console as the performance would be better.

Now let’s take a look at what EA calls the “recommended specs for running Apex Legends” as this is closer to what we will be trying to achieve for our Apex Legends budget build.

Apex Legends Recommended System Requirements

In the recommended specs they step up their requirements to an 8GB video card and an intel i5 CPU. This would most likely deliver 60 FPS or higher in Apex Legends and provide an optimal gaming experience. The parts they recommend are a little on the older side, so we should be able to achieve similar results with newer parts at a lower cost. (For example the Geforce 2060 RTX is a much more powerful card than a 970 GTX and can be found for a much lower price).

The Apex Legends Gaming PC Build:

Lowest Cost Rig:

For this PC, we are going to piece together the absolute lowest possible amount you could spend and still enjoy Apex Legends on PC. This is for people on a tight budget who just want to run Apex Legends on medium to high settings and are casual gamers. Perhaps this is a build that a parent would build for their kids entering the gaming world.


Intel – Core i3-8100 3.6 GHz Quad-Core Processor


Apex Legends CPU

We decided to stick with intel and go to their lower i3 model. This CPU is fast enough for most games and day to day activities, so to keep the price low we opted for the i3. You can see some comparable results in the AMD CPU’s around this price range, but we would still prefer the Intel i3-8100


ASRock – B360M Pro4 Micro ATX LGA1151 

$72 (after mail in rebate)

Apex legends motherboard

The price point is the most attractive feature of this motherboard of course, but there is also a lot of other benefits to this Apex Legends ready motherboard. ASRock has a great BIos that is very stable an easy to set up which is hard to find in this price range. A nice little bonus feature of this motherboard is an extra x16 slot on the bottom in case you want to add some storage upgrades in the future.


GeIL – EVO SPEAR 8 GB (2 x 4 GB) DDR4-2400


apex legends ram

There is many options for RAM in this price point but we decided to pick the Evo Spear 2 x 4 GB sticks. These have been reviewed in a number of builds and seem to perform quite well for the price point. If we were looking to push the budget a little higher, we might recommend some ram with a higher clock speed, but this RAM will do just fine in Apex Legends.

Hard Drive: 

Samsung 860 EVO 250 GB


apex legends solid state drive

We must confess this was not the cheapest hard drive we could find, but when it comes to storage we don’t think it’s worth cheaping out. Samsung EVO drives have been solid in our testing and 250 GB of storage is more than enough space to install Apex Legends on your new budget build. If you’d like to skip this part and find something more inexpensive or perhaps you have an old HDD you can use, go ahead!

Video Card (GPU): 

Gigabyte Radeon RX 570 4 GB Gaming 4G Video Card

$129 (after $40 mail in rebate)

Apex legends video card

With the recent cryptocurrency boom, top tier video cards are over inflated well above their value. This makes sense to a cryptocurrency miner because they need top tier hardware to make the most of their operation, but for the average gamer a midt tier card will go far. For this budget Apex Legends build we added a Radeon RX 570 by Gigabyte which ran surprisingly well. Check out the YouTube video below on how this card performs on Apex Legends.

Apex Legends running on a Radeon RX 570


Cougar – MX330-G ATX Mid Tower Case


apex legends pc case

It was an easy pick with the MX330 because aesthetically, it doesn’t get much better than this in the $50 price range. Cougar has a strong reputation for building quality PC cases and this one should be great for your Apex Legends budget build since it has great cooling options and a robust front panel.

Power Supply:

Corsair – CXM (2015) 450 W 80+ Bronze Certified Semi-Modular ATX Power Supply


apex legends psu

This power supply is great value for the price because they offer modular cables. If you haven’t used modular cables, you’re in for an absolute treat when doing wire concealment. A modular power supply allows you to remove the cables you don’t use so there isn’t any loose wires hanging around the inside of your PC case. If you were looking for something a little more power efficient, you could look into a Gold rated version of this PSU. In saying that, we think this power supply is just fine due to the low consumption of this Apex Legends budget buil


Wow, for only $527 you can build yourself a solid gaming PC that will run Apex Legends quite smoothly. You could shave a few more dollars off this price if you wanted to or you could spend a little more on the upgrades we mentioned above. Thanks for reading this article and good luck building your low cost Apex Legends PC!

apex legends pc

2018 MacBook pro – IS IT worth the price?


I love it. It’s well built, much lighter than my 2013 15″, and a lot easier to carry around as well. On account of it’s size and weight, finding a spot to plonk it down and begin working isn’t that huge of an issue, in fact it’s quite comfortable. From working on my desk, to shows on Hulu in my bed is really easy too.

Image result for 2018 macbook pro

The keyboard feels fantastic to type on and are definitely much softer. The Trackpad’s HUGE but it hasn’t caused any accidental clicks/scrolls/swipes so far, and still retains Apple’s high end trackpad quality.

The Touch Bar .. While working with Adobe apps, not having a physical Escape key took some time to get used to (I’ve accidentally loaded a command on the Touch Bar a few times while trying to press the delete key).However, I don’t feel it’s going bother me in the long run, but it was quite irritating the first couple days.

Now lets talk audio because the sound on this thing is great. I was initially really surprised by it’s volume, comparing it to my previous MacBook, and it’s definitely a lot more full sound which is awesome for Spotify and movies.

Image result for 2018 macbook spotify

I do miss the MagSafe though.


I was initially quite skeptical of the Touch Bar, but have now fallen in love with it. It functions quite well with apps that support Touch Bar features, however there seems to an overall lack of app support for it which is disappointing

Image result for 2018 macbook touch bar

Overall, I like it, and don’t miss my function keys.


Startups/Restarts, opening/closing apps, and switching between desktops are fast without any lag. Such a great upgrade, I must say it again.

I carry my laptop to work and back home everyday and the weight is no problem. It’s a little heavier than other laptops but feels balanced inside of a backpack or laptop case.

The cooling system inside of the 2018 MacBook pro seems to work just fine as my temperatures stayed cool and quiet.


As I said before, Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign are the applications I use for work and it’s definitely a step-up from my old laptop. As an example, I have a file which took 3-4 minutes to open up on the old MacBook Pro, and dragging items around the art-boards would heavily lag the machine. Some times Photoshop would crash when I try to click on an object; not fun!

Working on intense projects would trigger the fans, but it’s definitely much quieter than any previous computer I have owned.


In contrast to my 2013 15″ MacBook Pro, it’s a lot lighter and feels much thinner. The portability is a awesome, the battery life is fantastic and the screen looks sharp.

As a standalone device, it runs great for my workflow and basic internet-needs.

geek 0